Medical Instruments

EROND instruments are manufactured in Germany and are made of high quality sterilizable stainless steel.

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Or you can choose from our Sterile Single-Use instruments manufactured by DTR Medical Ltd. in the UK…

Advantages of single-use instruments:

  • Disposable surgical instruments for Theatres, Clinics & Primary Care
  • Pre-cut silicone tubing and other consumables
  • Specialist procedure trays
  • Our single-use solutions cover most surgical and healthcare specialities. Every product in our range is the result of meeting a customer’s unmet need
  • Matching reusable standards
  • High quality instruments driven by sustainable material, process and design innovation
  • Excellent service to deliver the clinical value you need
  • “Supporting visibility, quality and safety in your supply chain” ** Our instruments’ packaging features the latest machine readable GS1-standard barcoded labels for product traceability
  • Cost-effective alternative to repairs, reprocessing or replacements
  • Suitable for high risk procedures

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