EROND Rigid Endoscopes

Covering all applications in ENT.

Perfect visualization of ear, nose and throat.


– High resolution from center to edge

– Crystal clear image

– Exceptional image brightness

– Optimized depth of field

EROND rigid ENT endoscopes are:

– Ultra-high durability and excellent autoclaving performance for cost effectiveness.

– The optical system is sealed using laser welding – no adhesives or elastomers are used

– Sapphires at the distal and proximal end for enhanced durability

– Triple-tube design for increased lateral strength

– Nitrogen-filled optical system to eliminate interior fogging

– High-quality stainless-steel construction

Sinuscopes – the insight into nasal cavities

– Exceptional image brightness for safe procedures

– High resolution from center to edge for full image performance

– High depth of field minimal refocusing

– Available in 2.7mm and 4.0mm diameter

– 4.0mm diameter also available in HD resolution

Laryngoscopes – for a perfect examination of the larynx and the vocal cords


– 4.0mm for gentle insertion

– 6.0mm as a combination of fairly small diameter and extreme brightness, ideal for stroboscopic examination

– 10mm for excellent detail recognition

– a flexible nasolaryngoscope with a small insertion diameter of only 3.4mm and outstanding imaging quality – please check out the Nasolaryngoscopes page!

Otoscopes – the basic for optimal ear examination

– a clear and bright image

– lifelike color rendering for better diagnosis

– working length ranging from 50 to 100mm with diameters of 1.9, 2.7 and 4.0mm

– 4.0mm diameter for adult examinations; 2.7mm for infants or very tight ear canals, 1.9mm for intertympanic examinations


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