Rigid and flexible ENT endoscopes

Endoscopes cover all ENT applications, for perfect visualization of the ear, nose and throat.

1. Otoscopes – asap, Germany – the basis for optimal examination of the ear

– Available with diameters between 2.7mm and 4.0mm
– Available with 0 and 30 degree angles
– Autoclavable
– HD image

2. Sinusoscopes – asap, Germany – look in the nasal cavities

– Available with diameters between 1.9mm and 4.0mm
– Available with angles of 0, 30, 45, 70, 90 degrees
– Autoclavable
– HD image
– Wide angle
– Available in rigid or semi-flexible version

3. Laryngoscopes – asap, Germany – for the perfect examination of the larynx and the vocal cords

– Available with diameters between 4.0mm and 12.4mm
– Available with 70 and 90 degree angles
– Autoclavable or soakable
– HD image

4. Flexible nasolaryngoscopes – Althea, Germany

– Available with diameters of 2.8mm and 3.4mm, for more details download the brochure of flexible nasolaryngoscopes.

5. Our portfolio also includes bronchoscopes and rigid oesophagoscopes – asap, Germany . For more details download the rigid endoscopes brochure.



Rigid endoscopes brochure
Flexible nasolaryngoscopes brochure